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Community Spotlight – Now Seeking Submissions

Posted on: January 12, 2010

You guys have probably noticed the little “Community Spotlight” banner on the homepage. It lets us shine the blinding light of fame upon some of Gaia’s best community-run projects, contests and goings-on. In the past, we’ve featured great member events like Gaia Spirit Week and the Adopt a Newbie drive, and we’re always on the lookout for more great stuff to feature.

If you’ve got something big in the works, we’d love to hear about it. It can be a member-run event, a contest, a charity, an art shop or whatever– if it’s great, we’ll try to spotlight it. We’ve set up a little audition thread in the Gaia News and Updates forum– if you want your project featured, stop by and let us know!

One small warning: when something is featured on the homepage, it’ll get a LOT of traffic. That sometimes means a flood of posts, private messages and profile comments, so make sure you’re prepared for the publicity!

Click here for info on how to apply.

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