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Olympic Winners – 2/21-2/22

Posted on: February 23, 2010

More newsworthy excitement for the Olympics. While it wasn’t a U.S. win, we can sort of claim it as a North American win, thanks to Canada. Virtue and Moir stole the show and won the first Olympic gold medal in ice dance for Canada. Let’s just say they made a bit of history.

You can make a bit of history too if you’ve been following along and playing our Olympic games. Check below to see if you’ve won!

February 21st Events:
Freestyle Skiing – Men’s Ski Cross, Gold Winner: Michael Schmid, Switzerland
Chris Del Bosco was favored by Gaians with 50% of the votes. Michael Schmid held 25% of votes.
Congrats to our survey winners:
dancinjlg, AngelOfVoid, fred66, RisikaFox, Ziyal42

Bobsleigh – Two-Man, Gold Winners: Andre Lange & Kevin Kuske, Germany
Gaians favored the Gold medal winner with 35.7% of the votes.
Congrats to our survey winners:
Josiah_am_I, RadiationGhoul13, starprincess1, SaintRosette, rimedragona

February 22nd Events:
Ski Jumping – Team, Gold Winner: Austria
Gaians favored Norway with 28.1% and Austria followed closely with 25% of the votes.
Congrats to our survey winners:
Kosa-kun, faerieforever, Nekoyasha-san, xM e m or i e sx-chan, Akaritsuki

Firgure Skating – Ice Dance, Gold Winners: Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, Canada
Gaians favored Davis & White with 34.3% and a close follow up with Virtue & Moir at 30.7% of the votes.
Congrats to our survey winners:
xx-YumiChii, ima sugar kookie, Mraudrss, monkeyluvds, Sivlare

To join the fun and participate in our Olympics surveys, click here!

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