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Eureka! Gaia’s New Search is Out

Posted on: March 4, 2010

We know Gaians have a wide range when it comes to taste… from great movies (Twilight!) to role-playing, to more, ahem, obscure things that parents just don’t understand. 🙂

You may have noticed it was difficult to find your favorite things on Gaia – but that’s all changed!

The search bar is now front and center, ready for your queries.  Looking for that thread about French-speaking squirrels that ride mopeds?  Well, just type your search term at the top of the page, and BAM!  You’ll also notice once you start typing you’ll see your friends’ usernames, forums, your guilds, and site features show up below the search box.  Two, easy navigation changes FTW!

Search results are also much more relevant and easy to use.  We’ve separated out results by thread title, as well as within the post.

We’ve included all kinds of great functionality, like being able to search within just forums, guilds, or usernames.  With a few clicks of the advanced mode, you can search for topics by user, as well as most recent vs relevant posts, and sub-filter your results to a certain sub-forum.

If you haven’t tried the new search, try it out.  We think you’ll like what you see! 🙂

Happy searching!

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