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Who is Lanzer?

Posted on: March 11, 2010

I often come across PMs with users asking questions such as “You must have joined Gaia a long time ago.” or “Are you an admin on the site?” For those who have joined Gaia recently, welcome to Gaia and I hope you enjoy your stay here!  I’m Lanzer and often known as one of the creators of Gaia Online.  Me, along with 3 other admins created Gaia 7 years ago in our living room.  We started out with 4 people working on a side project to create an avatar based community with a virtual world and online games. And Gaia kept on growing to become a huge community with a staff of more than 100 people supporting millions of members.

Today I spend most of my time helping coordinate many groups, each working on different aspects on the site.  I no longer write programs, stay up fixing computer servers, fix bugs, or restoring member accounts like I used to.  Every aspect has their experts that can do a way better job than I can.  So, the only thing that I’m good for is when anyone needs to complain, the complaints all go to me! 😀  Things that I still do is that I frequent the forums for feedback, answer as many PM as I can (though I still can’t reply to most messages), and spend time everyone Monday night chatting in the “Ask The Admin” thread to help answer questions from Gaians.


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