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Ain’t No Party like an Ocean Party, Baby!

Posted on: March 12, 2010

Our first Facebook game is out and ready to be played! Ocean Party takes the best aspects of Gaia Aquarium and adds all-new graphics, gameplay, and fun. We want Ocean Party to take over Facebook, so please help us by trying it out and inviting your friends to join you. You’ll both share sweet bonuses for neighboring up.

Example of a pretty tank.

Click here to play Ocean Party on Facebook!

Ocean Party contains brand-new tank and water graphics, a near-lethal dose of special effects, and some new fish to complement your old favorites from Aquarium. You can raise and sell exotic fish to earn gold, level up, and unlock new goodies along the way. Invite your friends to score extra bonuses and swap free gifts. Earn copious amounts of gold playing Scrubbles in your own tank and your friends’ tanks! And, you and your friends can earn XP (to help you level up) and gold by throwing parties in your tanks!

Example of a party.

Ocean Party is completely separate from your Gaia account, but for a limited time, you’ll be able to earn some Gaia Gold off all the Ocean Party XP you rake in! Normally Ocean Party and Gaia will be completely separate, so use this opportunity wisely!

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