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It’s “Mod Week” on the Homepage – Check Out The Featured Avatar

Posted on: April 5, 2010

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Those of you who fanboy over the homepage like I do (wait….you don’t??) will notice a trend this week. In the Featured Avatar section, where we highlight avatars that we think look cool from this nomination thread, we’re going to be featuring a very special group of users this week…..our Moderators!

Why are we doing this, you ask? Well, our mod team is crucial to keeping the site clean and fun for everyone – and they’re generally WAY underappreciated on the site. Mods aren’t some special breed of cyborg that only come out to destroy when someone breaks a rule (although the idea of a cyborg mod team does sound kinda cool). They’re regular users who love Gaia just like the rest of us, who dedicate some of their free time to keep the site special for everyone else. They do great things for the site, but most people never realize it as most of their work is behind the scenes. To show our appreciation – and to give them a bigger share of the spotlight that they deserve – one will be in the Featured spot each day this week.

So if you have a second, do the site a favor. Check out the featured mods’ profile – or any mods’, for that matter – and leave a comment or drop them a PM saying thanks for everything they do. It’s a simple, yet extremely touching, way to brighten the day of people who are literally here to make your Gaia experience better.

On that note, here’s some shameless plugging. If you’re interested in being a mod yourself, check out our info thread to see if you qualify.

To comment on this post, especially to say thanks to our mods, click here.

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