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Did you know: Donate at the Gaia “blog drive”

Posted on: April 9, 2010

Did you know?

That you can help support the blog AND learn something new?

Help us increase awareness of the Gaia Blog?  We’re on a “blog drive” so we’d appreciate it if you’d add something to your Signature so that others can find out about it.

Add the following bbcode into your signature.  Your signature can be changed with the following steps:

1)      Go to the My Gaia tab of the nav bar and choose “Account Settings.”

2)      From the icons that appeared, look for one that looks like a Gear (far right of the top menus).  Select Signature.

3)      Add the text below to the Signature box.  Replace my words (in blue) with your own if you’d like, but keep the non-blue text intact so that it’s a link.

4)      Click the “Save All Changes” button.  Then check out your new signature!

Now, not only are you helping us spread the word, but you’ve just learned how to update and add links into your signature! (In case you didn’t already know.)

Thanks for the help and PM me if you do this!


Put everything between these lines into your Signature box.


Have you hugged the Gaia Blog today? [url=]Check it out![/url]



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