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Posted on: April 14, 2010

Gaia is a community, and we wouldn’t exist without our users.  We value our users’ feedback, and we received quite a bit of it with the My Gaia/Notifications launch last week.  It was a bit painful to read all the comments, but it was exactly what we needed: users telling us what functionality they value and why, as well as what they would like changed.

Based on the top user feedback, we’re making changes to My Gaia and notifications.  You typed, we listened.  We’re working on these changes this week and should have the updates live very shortly:

•    Friends module is back – with all the old bells and whistles.
•    My Stats is back – woot!
•    Notice settings – you’ll be able to turn on/off what notices you receive
•    bug fixes (multiple feeds/emails, profile comments not showing, etc)

•    aquarium, market listing and wishlist feeds – already live – we’ve temporarily disabled until the settings page is up and running

Although we had several passes in our QA/testing department, some bugs didn’t manifest until we had thousands of users using the features at once.  Definitely not an excuse, but we’re working through these bugs as quickly as we can.

We’d love to get your feedback on these updates once the fixes go live, and I’ll be setting up a sticky in Site Feedback when we release the changes.  We’ll use the feedback to help inform us as we continue to make updates and changes.

Thank you.


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