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Did you know… **Flame Thrower**

Posted on: April 21, 2010

Did you know?

You can literally throw flames in Towns? Of course there’s a purpose behind it! If you click on “Ignore User” (found in the bottom tool bar in Towns), your cursor will become a target. Aim the target over another user’s avatar and click to throw a flame at them. Doing this will burn their avatar and make them disappear from your view. In addition, that user will be added to your Ignore List. Note: Nobody sees this but you.

Admittedly, playing with the flame thrower is a lot of fun! But, you will quickly overload your Ignore List unnecessarily and possibly miss out on making some cool new friends if you abuse it.

For information on how to remove users from your Ignore List, please refer to this article in our Help Center.

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