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New animated icon overlays for Gaia’s Premium Items…Shiny!

Posted on: May 3, 2010

Example of animated sparkles

Twinkle twinkle little…inventory? As you have probably noticed, we have released new animated overlays to help you identify Premium Items in your inventory, the marketplace, and trades! Now you should be able to easily identify all the Gaia cash items you own or want to own quickly and easily. As well, each premium item type (CI, EI, Monthly Collectible) has its own color sparkle which further makes identifying specific items a breeze. And the animations are small, so this shouldn’t cause page loading lag!

Premium items have sparkles (these are not animated)

An extra safety bonus is that the sparkling feature will help reduce scams on Gaia. We frequently run into users who think they are being traded a Premium Item, or buying a premium item from the Marketplace, when in fact they are being given/buying a gold shop item. Now you can authenticate the item you are receiving/buying just by seeing if its icon sparkles – if the item icon doesn’t sparkle, it is not a Premium Item and you may not be getting what you bargained for. (Take *THAT* “Winter Rose” scammers!)

And of course, if you just like this feature because you think having a sparkling, shiny (and might I add slightly mesmerizing) inventory is really neat, that is fine too ^^

Hope you enjoy this feature!
– Sisky


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