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An Ode To Mods

Posted on: June 1, 2010

Hi everyone,

If you’ve seen me posting on the forums over the years, or read my few posts here, you’ve seen that I’m a huge fan of the mods. But I know that they have a mixed rep with some people because they often have to step in when rules are being broken, automatically making them the bad guy. However, without the mods this site simply wouldn’t run, so I wanted to come post my appreciation here.

It’s sometimes easy to forget that mods are simply users who love Gaia, just like the rest of us. They volunteer their time day after day, week after week, helping to keep our forums fun, clean and safe for everyone else to use. They do it because they want others to get the same joy out of using Gaia that they do – to share the best of Gaia with the rest of the community. And they work extremely hard. Most of it is behind the scenes, so users never know just how much they do, from taking care of annoying issues like spam to serious violations of the Terms of Service. When they do get noticed, it’s as likely to be a snarky comment from someone upset that the mods are just trying to enforce the rules as it is appreciation. It’s a tough gig, and they do it extremely well and with amazing grace.

So what can you do? Drop your favorite mod a simple PM thanking them for their efforts to keep Gaia fun. If you come across a mod in a thread, post that at the end of the your comment. Or just don’t join in if you see a thread criticizing them. Remember, they’re just trying to do the right thing for the site they love. After all, they’re users just like you.


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