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Now Seeking: Virtual Paparazzi

Posted on: July 1, 2010

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Are you on top of your game when it comes to knowing pop culture and what’s happening now? Do you or your friends consider you to be a tastemaker or a trend setter? Do you consume copious amounts of rag mag crap and then regurgitate it to your friends? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we want to hear from you.

If you didn’t answer yes to any of the questions above, but you consider yourself to be an internet guru, an information collector extraordinaire, or can can just find lots of cool stuff. We also want to hear from you!

We’re looking to put together an exclusive group of Gaians who can help us with an ongoing project. You see, as cool as we are here at Gaia HQ, we don’t always have the time or the knowledge to keep up with what’s hot. We could really use your help with this so our Hot Topics forums can stay hot! To participate in this, you will function much like the paparazzi who chase around celebrities and sell their pictures to publications, you will be a connoisseur of “what’s hot now” information to share with us.

Here are the categories we’re most interested in:

  • Games
  • Anime
  • Internet Culture/Memes
  • Entertainment (TV, movies, celebrity, etc)
  • Technology
  • International (outside U.S.)
  • Notable dates (historical/memorable events, anniversaries, etc)

To be considered to become a Virtual Paparazzi, send us email to membertalk [at] with the subject line “Virtual Paparazzi.” In your email, please tell us why you qualify for this role. Tell what you know or where you might get the hottest information available.

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