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Chat with Lanzer on Monday Nights

Posted on: September 13, 2010

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Do you have burning questions about Gaia Online? Is there a particular feature that you’d like to see on that site, but don’t know who to tell at Gaia HQ? Are you wondering what ever happened to the Zurg after the 2006 Halloween event? Or perhaps you’re curious how Gino Gambino is feeling these days while he mourns the loss of his beloved dad. We know that you have many burning questions that you’re just dying to get answered.

That’s why you should attend Ask the Admin on Monday nights so you can ask Lanzer directly! Lanzer is not only one of Gaia’s founders, he’s also Gaia’s Chief Community Officer. He works closely with Gaia Staff to bring cool features and improvements to the site. And he wants to hear from you!

Chat with Lanzer at Ask the Admin every Monday at 5:00pm PDT (GMT -7). Each week, Lanzer posts a new (sticky) thread in the Gaia Community Discussion forum. Look for “Ask the Admin (mm/dd/yy)” thread title, make sure the date is current, and you’re all set! Post your questions and chat with other Gaians in the thread.


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