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New contest: Posting for Millions!

Posted on: September 17, 2010

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Hi Gaians,

Win up to 5 million gold, just for having good timing!  All you have to do is check this thread at the right time and you could win big!  To qualify, simply post a brief answer as to how you’d spend your winnings if you won.  Then, every day or so, we’ll randomly pick a user from those who posted in the past 24 hours and add it to the potential winners list below.  That user has 20 minutes from the time we announce their username, to PM us.  If they don’t, we add another 100,000 gold to the jackpot and pick another user sometime the following business day.  Then that person has 20 minutes to PM us, and so on and so on until someone wins the jackpot.  The jackpot starts now at 100,000 gold and can grow huge! (maximum payout = 5 million)

So here’s all you have to do to enter this easy contest:

1) Reply with how you’d spend your winnings.  Why not make your reply fun and interesting? (only one entry per calendar day otherwise you’re disqualified – trust me, we’ll check and we can tell easily)

2) Come back here  daily to see if your username (or someone you know) was chosen.  We will randomly pick from those who replied since the previous day’s user was picked – so post as soon as you see that another user got chosen.  The exact time the usernames will be posted will vary from day to day, so check back here often!

3) Send a PM (to: Not Robin Leach) within 20 45 minutes to claim the jackpot and include your email address that you have on file with that account (required for authenticity verification reasons). Incomplete PMs will not qualify so do it right.  The date/time stamps of the PMs (always in PDT) will determine whether someone has won or was too late.  Winner must be in good standing on Gaia (not had ToS violations, etc).  All decisions will be made at the sole discretion of Gaia and will be deemed final (sorry, but we can’t afford Price Waterhouse as an independent auditor).

This contest will be ongoing until 1) we run out of gold to give out or 2) we run out of fun with it.

So, start playing by telling us what you’d do with the loot!  And tell us here what you think of this contest! We’ll have new contests soon, so make sure to check back here daily or subscribe to this blog and be one of the first to find out about the new, shiny things we’re about to give away!

Good luck everyone! May the postings begin!

Note for those of you who see this before an announcement goes out:  You’ll have even greater chances of winning since you entered it first before the bazillions of users join the contest early next week.  We’ll pick the first username on Monday.  Just another perk from checking this blog often.



List of the randomly chosen users who have 20 45 minutes to PM (send to: Not Robin Leach) to claim their prize:

koudelkaW – Has until 10:44am 9/20/10 to claim the prize of 100,000 gold!  We’re waiting to hear from you, so hurry! Oh man, too bad, but this user didn’t claim the prize in time, so the jackpot goes up to 200,000 gold and a new username will be picked sometime tomorrow (Tue, 9/21).  So post again, something related to this contest.

Kira Yukari — Has until 1:20pm 9/21/10 to claim the prize of 200,000 gold!  PM us nao! Darn it, Kira missed out.  Try again.  On to the next user.

Little Sexy Emo Girl — has until 5:18pm 9/22 to claim the prize of 300,000 gold!  Operators are standing by! Sorry, but no dice…we didn’t get the PM in time — she was some 12 hours too late.  But good try!  So a new username will be picked sometime later today so remember to post each and every day.  Hint: it’ll be sometime this afternoon and since you guys asked, we’ll try to pick them at all varied hours of the day especially after school hours.  🙂

x Karurie x — has until 3:41pm 9/23 to claim the 400,000 jackpot!  Come and get it! Note that this contest is now 538% easier because we’ve increased the amount of time to send the PM to a full 45 minutes AND outside of school hours.  Disclaimer: we can no longer control what part of the world you live.  Because we WANT you guys to win, we’re also quoting the user so that they get an email (it pays to also have the text notification feature turned on!).  EDIT: The jackpot wasn’t claimed, so it continues to grow to 1/2 a million gold!  Who’s it going to be?  Start posting for another chance.  Bonus tip: We’ll be picking tomorrow’s (9/24) username sometime after 5pm PDT.

La Dama-sama – has until 7;52pm 9/24 to claim the 500,000 jackpot!  Hope you win! Crickets, I heard crickets.

xXPhantom_Deamon_FoxXx – has until 6:41pm 9/27 to claim the 800,000 jackpot (increased extra amounts over the weekend).  I know you’re online now, so do it!!! CONGRATS xXPhantom_Deamon_FoxXx you’ve won and gotten the 800k gold jackpot by PMing us in time! (subject to authenticity verification that all steps were followed properly).  Everyone else: The jackpot will reset to 100,000 gold, so play again today by posting.   Good luck everyone!

KritterKaren – has until 4:22pm 9/28 to claim the 100,000 Gaia Gold!  Come and get it! Sorry you missed it!

starsmaycollide has until 5:53pm 9/29 to claim the 200,000 Gaia Gold! Don’t miss out! Aww, man!

xXCandyLuver41Xx has until 6:51 9/30 to claim the 300,000 Gaia Gold! Come on, you can do it!! Darn, missed it again! K, the jackpot continues to grow…

Red Kaizoku Sin has until 2:55pm 10/1 to claim the 400,000 Gaia Gold! Now’s your chance to make some easy Gold. :o)  Congratulations Red! You PMed within the 45 minute window and won 400,000 Gold! Nicely done!!

Holding on to Hope has until 5:55pm 10/4 to collect  the 300,000 Gaia Gold! Come on, let’s get two winners in a row!! Bummer, responded too late. :o(

Kiddo Seanchain has until 4:12pm 10/5 to collect the 400,000 Gaia Gold! If you want Gold, come and get it!! Oh, so sorry we didn’t hear from you.

a rare cookie has until 6:17pm 10/6 to collect 1 MILLION GOLD!!! We’re feeling extra charitable today, so we doubled the prize in celebration of Customer Service week. Come on cookie — claim your million! Awww, I wish you would’ve PMed us before the deadline. :o(

ChildOfTheBubbles has until 2:35pm 10/7 to collect 1.1 MILLION GOLD!!! Can you make it before the time is up? We’re staying tuned! CONGRATS ChildOfTheBubbles! You just won 1.1 Million Gold!!!!

Beena Mistry has until 4:18pm 10/8 to collect 750,000 GOLD!!! Start running those fingers along the keyboard like a marathon because we are completely and absolutely motivated to give this away! COME AND GET IT!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Beena Mistry, my fingers are still on fire after the light speed dash you made to PM us! You’ve netted yourself 750,000 gold!

xninjaxbellax has until 5:37pm 10/11 to collect another huge jackpot of 750,000 GOLD!!! Come on and claim it! Hurry! We’re just begging for you to come get it! WE NEED YOU TO HAVE ALL THIS GOLD!!! CONGRATULATIONS! xninjaxbellax, you were able to claim the big jackpot and win your reward! To the winner… Go the spoils!

xxx i cee u xxx has until 1:42pm 10/12 to collect a large lump sum of 500,000 GOLD!!! Let’s go i cee u, will you be our fabulous fourth winner in a row?! Get your PM sent! Go go go go go! CONGRATULATIONS to xxx i cee u xxx! You braved the site as it fought (as we had minor site issues) to try to defend its gold, but during the epic battle you plunged your sword straight through its heart and claimed your prize!

deven willard has until 4:01pm 10/13 to grab their chance at 500,000 GOLD!!!! Get on that horse and start riding quickly through the plains! We’re rootin’ ya on, come and get it! Will you be our big fifth winner in a row?! Oh no! We didn’t hear back from you in time, so sad.

Saya Tsumetai Otonashi has until 4:05pm 10/14 to reach for the brass ring and come away with 600,000 GOLD!!! Come on and get it! We’re lookin’ for a big winner today and we hope you can get it! Come forth! CONGRATULATIONS Saya Tsumetai Otonashi! You were able to brave the treacherous waters and were able to jump onto your island of gold! You are the big 600,000 gold winner!

dakwars4 has until 2:56pm 10/15 to jump into the pile of gold right in front of him and claim it! That’s right, you have your chance at 500,000 GOLD!!! Come running for it, we’re begging for you to come and claim it! Oh noooooo~!!! You didn’t PM us in time, we were hoping you would!

albinokittie has until 4:40pm 10/18 to run forward and grab your pile of 800,000 GOLD!!! Come and take it away from us! We’re rooting you on and want a winner! Come get it! Congratulations!!! You have won the jackpot! The 800,000 gold is yours!

ScarletRider7 has until 4:20pm 10/19 to win 500,000 gold!  Come on, someone tell him to claim his prize! Dang it, your PM was received a day late.  Try again today!

XxJakotsuSamaxX has until 4:43pm on 10/20 to win 600,000 gold! It’s free gold, what are you waiting for!?! Congratulations! You are our big winner! We hope you enjoy your gold!

Spiritwitch of Awesome has until 3:35pm on 10/21 to claim her prize of 500,000 GOLD!!! Start running for those PM box because we are waiting for you to come and take this gold from us! Congratulations Spiritwitch of Awesome! You are the big winner for today!

piscesanela007 has until 5:14 on 10/22 to claim their prize of 500,000 GOLD!!! Will you be our big third winner in a row? They say the third time’s a charm, come and get it! Congratulations! You are our big winner piseesanela007!

AmayatheNightsRain has until 2:37 on 10/25 to fling her hand forward and snatch the satchel of 800,000 GOLD!!! We’re hoping you can take this from us because this is a lot of gold we’re giving away! Come and get it! Oh no! You weren’t able to get to us in time. Try again next time!

Jazzmo13 has until 3:59 on 10/26 to propel herself through a large black hole and come out on the other side to a fountain of 900,000 GOLD!!! We’ll be sure to don our very own space suits and cheer you on! Just from a… Safer distance. Go go go go go! Congratulations to Jazzmo13! You are the big winner of 900,000 gold! Don’t spend it all in one place! Or spend it all in one place! It’s yours now!

THIS JUST IN! We’re reaching the last bit of our gold, so we are upping the prize and odds! This will be your final chance at winning Posting for Millions because one we get a winner, we will have no more gold! So listen closely… Our next prize will be a staggering 1,000,000 GOLD!!! If someone misses it tomorrow, then we will raise the amount by 200,000 gold instead of 100,000! What’s the catch? Well you’re going to need to be lightning fast because you will need to PM us in 10 minutes! Get your trigger fingers ready and your posts posted! Tomorrow you will have your chance at 1,000,000 GOLD!

ShadowedNguyen has until 3:05 on 10/27 to draw his kunai and fend off the beast that is blocking his chance at an amazing 1,000,000 GOLD!!! We believe in you, we are just dying (get it?!) for you to grab this gold! Go on and get it! Oh noo! We didn’t hear from you in time.  We were rooting for you!

yukikothechildofthesnow has until 8:10 on 10/28 to get her fingers running and claim her giant jackpot of 1,200,000 GOLD!!! We’re rooting you on, you can do it! Oh no! You weren’t able to PM us in time, that means the jackpot has grown higher!

Lady Starlit Dreams has until 2:54 on 10/29 to race against the clock and pick up her 1,400,000 GOLD!!! We’re backing you up Lady Starlit! Race toward the reward and claim it! Nooo~!!! You weren’t able to get to us in time.

Songsilence has until 4:30 on 11/01 to jump through the air and land on a pillow full of 2,000,000 GOLD!!! Race toward the goal Songsilence! We’ll be right here rooting you on for the victory! Oh no! You weren’t able to get back to us in time!

evilemoageeh has until 2:04 on 11/02 to race across the finish line and grab the gold medal… Or gold in this case, 2,200,000 GOLD!!! Come on evilemogeeh, strap the rocket to your back and go! We’re looking for a winner and we want you!

Alice Marie Fei has until 5:11 on 11/03 to hop, skip, and jump her way through a vat of fiery lava and do a double-somersault over a pool of gators, land, and grab a bag full of 2,400,000 GOLD!!! Alice, we are supporting you all the way and are looking to crown a winner, and we want it to be you! CONGRATULATIONS TO ALICE MARIE FEI!!! Alice braved the time restraints and broke the sound barrier as she dashed for the PM box and answered us on time! Alice is the big, big winner of 2,400,000 GOLD, our biggest pot! Congratulations to her and thank you to everyone who participated in Posting for Millions!

If you weren’t a winner, never fear, you will have other chances to win gold! Keep an eye on the blog for updates, we will be hosting a brand new contest that hasn’t been done yet! Stay tuned!

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