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Check out this exclusive video interview with our very own Lanzer, live at Otakon 2010. Host Krissy Lawlor of OutofTime Productions digs in to find out the ins and outs of Gaia Online. Do you know how Gaia first started? Do you know where to find Gaia’s merchandise? Tune in to find the answers to these questions and more, plus what Lanzer wants to ask you!

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Last February, Gaians banded together to help raise money for Haiti following the devastating earthquake.

That same charitable spirit continues in the wake of the BP Oil Spill, which is wreaking havoc on the Gulf Coast

Toxic Drop

and threatening millions of animals great and small, not to mention the health and livelihoods of those living in the region.

The outside world has taken notice of your fundraising activities, and we’ve collected a bunch of examples. Check it out!

Thank you guys for making a difference in the real world as you do in the Gaia world. We thank you!

Gaia Staff

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Much like the well loved game show (and computer games) of the 90s, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, we’re sure some of you are wondering the same about Gaia Cash Cards. The great news is, very soon you will be able to find Gaia Cash Cards outside of the continental U.S.! That’s right, you will be able find them in 7-11, Best Buy, Walmart, and Future Shop in Canada!! We don’t have an exact drop date yet, but they’re coming soon. We’ll post an update as soon as we hear back from customs. 😉

Other news on Gaia Cash Cards…we’ve had a few changes to distribution within the U.S. Unfortunately, Best Buy is no longer carrying our cards and 7-11 is discontinuing $10 cards. If you happen to find $10 cards in 7-11, you’re in luck! They will continue selling whatever stock they have, but once they run out, that’s it. The good news is, 7-11 will continue selling $25 cards. And, don’t be alarmed if you can’t find Gaia Cash Cards at Walmart checkout stands. They just moved them to the electronics section instead.

More to come to the U.S. — soon, Game Stop and Coast Guard Exchange will be selling Gaia Cash Cards too. Both stores will carry $25 cards, except Coast Guard Exhange in Puerto Rico will also carry $10 cards.

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Tonight, Gaia’s own softball team, Gaians Gone Wild will be playing at 6:40pm PDT. Don’t miss the craziness that we call softball. You can watch the game right here in this blog post. This is a pre-cursor to the upcoming Member Appreciation Night, so tune-in tonight for a trial run before all the Gaia Staff/Member chaos and camaraderie pop off next week!

Want to chat with GGW fans during the game? Click here to chat in the GGW Fan Thread.
Note: The webcast can be viewed here and in the GGW Fan Thread.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “GGW Webcast Tonight“, posted with vodpod

This is totally random, but some of the Gaia Staff were spotted opening and investigating a very strange fruit. It’s not only strange, but it’s stinky. Who likes to eat stinky food?? Not me! I’m not going to tell you who I am, but still…I wouldn’t dare eat something that smells bad/funny/gross. Check out this video to safely explore the strange, stinky fruit and watch some brave Gaia Staffers try it for the first time.

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Crescento, the fearless airship captain from zOMG is in search of the perfect captain’s cap and he turned to Gaians for help and you really delivered! We received hundreds of amazing Captain’s Cap submissions. Crescento was hard-pressed to narrow it down to a mere 12 for you to vote on. Gaians are truly a creative and fun group! Here’s a preview of the final 12 Captain’s Caps. Click here to vote for your favorite one!

[rockyou id=157075485&w=500&h=350]

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Thanks to the quick work of our Ops team, Gaia Online is back to normal and should be functioning properly for everyone. Thank you all for your patience while we dealt with the issues!

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