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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that tomorrow we are going to be having some fun with the community, and hope you can join us! We’ll be hanging out, playing some games together online, and virtually shooting each other! Whee! If this would be fun for you (and frankly, how could virtually shooting us with pixelated guns NOT be fun! :0 ), then please join us! And it is true – we will be having lots of contests and you can win some awesome prizes.

All the details you need to participate in this fun activity can be found in this thread here: Gaming with Gaians! Win some awesome prizes!

Take care and please join us to get your game on!

P.S. – My birthday is Saturday, and I’d like it if, for my birthday, you could vote for Zero Omega in the webcast thread poll ❤

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Hey hey everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that our fabulous Gaians who live in the Philippines and Singapore are now eligible to purchase Gaia cash with their mobile phones. Many amazing Gaians from these locations asked for the ability to pay for Gaia cash with their mobile phones, and now it can be done!

You can access the mobile phone payment option by clicking the following link: Gaia mobile phone payment page

As always, we are thrilled to welcome new countries to our mobile payment plan!

Take care ^^

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Hey there Canadian Gaians!

Just wanted to let you know that starting today, November 1st, 2010, Gaia cash cards will be available in Shoppers Drug Mart stores across Canada. And just think – with all the money you save from getting half-price Halloween candy from the store today, you could probably afford a Gaia cash card as well! And conveniently, many Shoppers Drug Marts are open 24 hours a day which makes getting a cash card that much easier!

If you are going to the Shoppers Drug Mart to get a prescription, though, then feel better soon ok?

Just looping you in!

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For all you Gaians who also happen to be big fans of Naruto like I am – do I have something very special for you!

As some of you already know, I was recently at Otakon doing the webcast of the Gaia Online Panel. Prior to the Gaia panel, the room was being used to hold another panel…with Maile Flanagan, the wonderful voice actor who does the English voice of Naruto Uzumaki!

Being a huge Naruto fan myself, I was very excited to listen to her speak as I set up for our webcast. As she was talking, it suddenly dawned on me: “Hey Sisky, lots of Gaians love Naruto too – and they cannot be here. Why don’t you try to see if she will give you a short interview or shout out to Gaia Online’s Naruto fans?”

And so like a ninja on a mission, I left the laptop and webcast stuff with SimplySimone, grabbed my little camera, and dashed off to try and snag an interview. Fortunately for all of us, Maile Flanagan is one tremendously cool lady and she made a fantastic message for all you Gaians who are Naruto fans.

I hope you enjoy this shout out as much as I enjoyed getting it for you!

Believe it!
– Sisky

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Have you ever wanted to let everyone know what you really think of Gaia, but didn’t want to write an enormous, lengthy “tl:dr” message? (tl;dr means “too long;didn’t read” in case you didn’t know) Ever felt that you needed to express your love or hate of Gaia through the medium of short-form poetry? Well, this contest might be just the chance you are looking for!

Welcome to the “Gai-ku Contest” where you can submit a haiku poem that expresses your feelings about Gaia in three short lines! Put together a Gaia-themed haiku (a haiku is a 3 line poem in which the first line has 5 syllables, the second line has 7 syllables, and the third line has 5 syllables) and you could win some serious gold!

In the spirit of the haiku poem format, this contest will have:
* 5 first prize winners who will each get a cool 200,000 gold
* 7 second prize winners who will each receive a nifty 100,000
* 5 third prize winners who will each walk away with a nifty 50,000 gold

Not bad prizes for arranging 17 syllables, are they?!

There are no rules on this contest as to what you write about – just has to be related to your Gaia experience. You could write a funny haiku or a serious one; express your love of Gaia or what you hate about Gaia – anything Gaia related is ok! Just make sure your language is “Gaia appropriate” – this means no curse words in the poems. We hate to quash your creativity, but we do have some younger Gaians of which we need to be mindful. Pick a different word that rhymes with “duck”, ok?

Here’s how to win:
Who: This contest is open to all Gaians!

What: A Gaia-themed haiku contest anybody has a chance of winning! Just post your best haiku in the official entry thread. Only one entry per person is allowed – this is for all your accounts, so no entering on a main and a mule. As well, you can edit your post to change your haiku during the course of the contest if you think you have come up with something better, but once the contest closes, editing of posts is not allowed.

Where: Post your Gai-ku in the following thread to enter the contest: Gai-ku Contest Thread!

When: Make sure to have your Gai-ku posted in the thread no later than 11:59 PM PT on August 1st, 2010.

Why: Because you too want a chance to release your inner poet and show the world how you feel about Gaia, and win gold!

Details: Your Gai-ku should follow the traditional formula of a haiku poem. It should have 3 lines total. The first line should have 5 syllables, the second line should have 7 syllables, and the third line should have 5 syllables. For more details about haikus, please see this link: Learn about haiku!

Example Gai-kus to give you some ideas!

We love our users (5 syllables)
having you around is great- (7 syllables)
Just thought you should know (5 syllables)

I love to be here, (5 syllables)
virtual world with my friends- (7 syllables)
Gaia is my home! (5 syllables)

I hate you Gaia! (5 syllables)
I really think you suck lots, (7 syllables)
yet I still return.. (5 syllables)

Now go ahead and get your poet on – this should be really fun and a great way to express your creative side and possibly win gold! We’ll be having new contests coming up soon, so make sure to check back here regularly or subscribe to this blog and be one of the first to find out about the new, shiny things we’re giving away in the upcoming contests!

Have fun and good luck! We look forward to seeing your Gai-kus!


Just a heads up that starting today, our Canadian members will now be able to purchase Gaia cash cards in the following local stores:
* 7-11
* Best Buy
* Walmart
* Future Shop

Moreover, to celebrate the launch of cash cards in Canada, we will also be introducing a new Canadian-themed item called “Canadian Bacon” that can be randomly won from the crystal box bonus prize that comes with your $25.00 Gaia cash card. This item will be a randomly distributed in all crystal boxes regardless of where you live, so good luck to everyone – you could snag yourself a cute little piggy with maple syrup. Mmmm, syrup!

Anyway, it is an honour to finally have our multi-coloured cash cards in stores so our neighbours to the North can enjoy Gaia cash cards! (I lived in Canada for a while, and I have really missed spelling words with the extra “u”! )

Be well!/A bientôt!

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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to let you all know that a fabulous new feature rolled out today – the ability for you to report comments in your profiles! Many of you have been requesting this, and now it is here!

The profile comment reporting link is located within the comment field at the top of the comment – just to the left of the time stamp! Clicking this link will open up the “Report a Profile Comment” form where you can report any inappropriate content you find posted in your profile comments. See pic below:

Anyway, we hope you love this new reporting feature, and that being able to report profile comments makes you feel even more safe and secure while enjoying your time on Gaia!

Be well! 😀

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